Key Investment Criteria

Financial Parameters
Revenues: $15-$500 million

Investment Size: $5-$50 million

High Growth Potential
Significant growth potential in both the firm's current domestic markets as well as new global markets

Long-Term Revenue Visibility 
History of long-term revenue visibility, including a high recurring revenue mix and strong order book, with predictable cash flows as well as low customer attrition and a diversified customer base

Defensible Market Positions

Strong products and/or services with demonstrable advantages when compared to their competitors

Potential to Benefit
From Globalization

Ability to take advantage of global sourcing of manufacturing or labor from low-cost delivery centers to deliver high-quality products/services at lower cost and/or the opportunity to accelerate revenue growth by accessing new global markets

Strong Management

Strong, experienced management teams with a proven track record of driving revenue growth, enhancing profitability and creating value for their shareholders
Opportunities for
Add-On Acquisitions

Opportunity to work with management to source proprietary opportunities and execute transactions to help the business grow through acquisition